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Baby wipes are regular wipes with soft material to cleanse the baby body with the chemical-free solution.

We use Muslin Cotton ( Tulasi Tuni ) wipes of 30*30 CM for baby soft feel touch.

Baby wipes should be washed in hot water with a homemade cleaning solution.

Organic body cleanser for babies:

In boiling one glass of water

Add one tablespoon coconut oil and one tablespoon baby body wash poor mild soap foam. 

Let it cool down and then transfer to a can.

This solution is used on the wipe as a cleanser.

Every 10 days New solution should be made

Mini Wet bag :

Mini Zipper wet bag holds wipes which keeps wipes wet for a long time use.

how to wash the wipes and wipes mini wet  bag:

wipes and mini wet bag both we  can wash it like normal clothes,how we wash it like same way

we can wash it 

*like hand wash

*machine wash

how can we use:

*we can use it before just wash the wipes and make it dry with hot water and squeeze the remaining water

and use it to clean baby bum and face,body everything.

*for hygenic purpose you can use separate wipes for cleaning your baby face and boby

*once we cleaned baby bum you can store in wet bag

*for hygenic purpose before usage you can wash it with hot water


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