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Wet bags are waterproof, absorbent bags to carry the baby’s used and unused diapers, clothes and other accessories. Double pocket 

multipurpose wet bag of size 30*40 CM which can hold all type of your baby wet materials like diapers, wipes, clothes and etc..,

 When you are away from home and you had a pee/poopy cloth diapers can simply be folded and stored in the wet bag. The poop smell or the diaper wetness won’t even be felt outside. All you need to do is zip up the wet bag and keep it safe

The wet bag is very much capable of keeping the smell and wetness within itself. You won’t smell a thing outside. We can store food or lunch box is a great option. Moreover, if ever your food leaks, your bag won’t be spoilt. 

However, a wet bag is washable and stores moisture inside which provides you hot and fresh food in lunch box stored in the wet bag. As Plastic Carry bags are banned in many places we can use our wet bags as all type of carrying bags.


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